All technical specifications for roads, side-walks, lighting poles, culverts, drainage, sewer treatment, water and electricity will be executed as per the regulations of the “DGU” “Direction Générale de l’Urbanism”.

Over and above these specifications, it is planned to execute some additional works to bring the project into higher standard as follows:

– All electrical main supply to the project will be safely placed underground.

– Allocation of additional parking on road sides to facilitate space for visitors.

– All lighting poles will be supplied by solar energy to save on electricity bills to owners.

– To safeguard from fire, Fire-Hydrants are planned at different spots on main roads.

– Large reservoirs of water for standby needs.

– Pressure pumps operational on solar energy will take care of the water cascade and the landscape irrigation.

– All plots of land will benefit from an up-to-date central sewer treatment plant.

– A grand entrance with a traditional bridge with an attractive view for owners and visitors.

– An amphitheater for the family and friends to use on individual or communal events.

– Distributed benches at different places on the sidewalks.

– An Underground cable for security system, telephones and TV cable connections.

– An attractive landscape at different places along the sidewalks.