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Frequently Asked Questions

*  Where is the location of Ajaltoun-St. George’s project of parceled land?

–   The project is located in the town of AjaltounKeserwan – Mount Lebanon.

–   Opposite hill in front of St. Georges Hospital within a zone of villas.

–   Coordinates on Google Earth:   33°57’30″N   35°41’32” E

*   What is the zoning of built-up-area on this property?

   Residential and villas zoning of 15% – 30% exploitation… 2 floors, garden floor, 9 m 

     height with additional roof top and possible underground floor on some lots.

   Each Land has 2,000 m² and plus area.

   This zoning can permit to build: 1000 m², 1400 m² or 1900 m² on each lot of land.

   On the same plot of land, one can build one villa, two or three villas or townhouses.

Who are the Architects Engineers designing the Project?

–   ERGA Group are the consulting engineers  and supervisors of the works. 

*  What is the topographic nature of the land?

   The land is a hill overlooking Ajaltoun, Rayfoun and many towns of Metn including     

    Sannine Mountain.

–   Some lots are with slopes and others on a plateau. Each plot of land has a defined

    Topography that permits the buyer to study the kind of architecture he likes to build.

   The developer can assist the buyer with the preliminary design free of charge.

*  At first glance, what is offered on this project besides a piece of land?

–   Living in a gated project will give the families: security, ecology, lighted roads by solar, 

    sidewalks, children playground with all underground amenities of services: water, 

    electricity and sewerage treatment  plant.

   A grand entrance to this gated project will give directly a sense of luxury. An appealing, 

    attractive and selective landscape of green and waterfalls…  A desirable wish for any 

    family to live in.

–   It will be a beautiful place to build your dream home and at the same time keeping a

    part of the land you buy for future construction for a family member or a friend.

*  What is the cost per square meter and the payment facility given?

–  The promotional price starts at 350$/m².

–  This price comes with some payment facility for the first 5 buyers.

–  Facilities are available up to 5 years from Owners or Banks.

  Bank arrangement for longer period can be done through our Banking Partner BYBLOS Bank.

*  How many similar projects are in the area?

 – This is a one-kind of a project. No similar land parceling project exists now with this high 

   level of specifications and regulations.

What are other, similar properties currently priced in the near vicinity?

 Some projects exist in the vicinity, not comparable to our project standards.

Their price per square meter is at double price of what is offered in this project.

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Would you describe what’s the town of Ajaltoun can offer?

Ajaltoun is a town in Keserwan – Mount Lebanon, with red roof houses and modern buildings.

It is a popular Summer and Winter residence at 700 m altitude.

Located at midway between the Mediterranean coast and the ski slopes of Faraya and Faqra

Ajaltoun has all amenities:

Residential, Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Clubs, Schools,

Colleges, Hospital, Private Clinics and Shopping Centers.

The project’s location is at the beginning of Ajaltoun at a distance of 9 km from

Beirut – Jounieh Coastal  Highway.